High Data Rate MX Satellite Meeting

Where: Biozentrum, University of Basel, Klingelbergstrasse 70, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

When: Friday, 2 September 2016, 2016, 9:00–16:00h

Registration via the ECM-30 registration page

Registration Fee: CHF 20.00

This one-day satellite meeting will discuss issues in doing very high-data-rate macromolecular crystallography (High-Data-Rate MX).  Scientists and programmers working to create methods to handle diffraction images produced by the Dectris Eiger-16M detector have recently discovered challenges.  These challenges relate to speed and parallelism of reading the images, a problem that all of the software systems for data analysis must address in adapting techniques to keep pace with the rate at which diffraction images are produced. Developers and users of MX data processing software all need to consider this challenging task and adjust both software and data collection strategies appropriately. 

This satellite meeting will be a follow-on to a workshop held 26-28 May 2016 at NSLS-II at Brookhaven National Laboratory and an informal session at the American Crystallographic Association meeting in Denver, Colorado in July 2016. It will be an excellent opportunity for members of the community to understand what has been done thus far to support efficient processing and to comment on what additional issues need to be considered.  In addition to talks on the data formats and how they are handled in the major packages, there will be time for open discussion and recommendations for the future.

The number of participants is limited to 70.

Herbert J. Bernstein, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, yayahjb[at]gmail.com
Robert M. Sweet, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, rsweet[at]bnl.gov
Nicholas K. Sauter, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, nksauter[at]lbl.gov