SMARTER 5 Meeting – Structure elucidation by combining Magnetic Resonance, Computational Modelling and Diffraction

Where: University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany

When: 4 - 8 September 2016

Accommodation: Hotels in Bayreuth (for further information visit the local homepage)

More information and registration:

Materials Science and Engineering present increasingly challenging problems to scientists dealing with the elucidation of solid-state structures due to the raising complexity and hierarchical structuring of modern materials. In particular, without access to crystals suitable for single crystal X-ray diffraction, even today, unravelling the structure of such compounds is limited.

By combining different analytical techniques, each providing complementary information, we expect to be able to significantly improve the structure solution process in such cases. Therefore, the SMARTER meeting aims at bringing together scientists in the areas of solid-state magnetic resonance and other spectroscopic techniques, diffraction as well as modelling to resolve questions about how to optimally implement information from various techniques into a general strategy for ab initio structure determination of complex materials.

The conference in Bayreuth is the latest in a series of meetings designed to encourage cross-fertilisation across subject boundaries, with invited speakers chosen to reflect the diversity of approaches required to solve demanding structural problems, such as obtaining crystal structures from powdered samples or understanding disordered systems.

Brad Chmelka (Santa Barbara, USA)
Andrew Goodwin (Oxford, United Kingdom)
João Rocha (Aveiro, Portugal)
Jürgen Senker (Bayreuth, Germany), juergen.senker[at]
Renée Siegel (Bayreuth, Germany), renee.siegel[at]
Francis Taullele (Versailles, France)
Jonathan Yates (Oxford, United Kingdom)

Contact for the meeting
Email: smarter5[at]