Detailed Scientific Programme (PDF & Interactive)

PDF Programme by date and time

Interactive Programme by date, time and Focus Area

Instructions to navigate the Interactive Scientific Programme

Display Format
Choose how to view the programme: in a graphical grid format or in a list format.

Show sessions in a graphical grid view. You may adjust the width and length of the session boxes by clicking on the appropriate measures (XS, S, M, L, XL). You may preview a session by clicking on it.

Show sessions in a list view. You may sort the sessions by date or by session type. Click the favourites icon to add the session to your favourites. Click on the session title to preview the session.

Show the content of the favourites you selected in a list format. You may choose different export formats: Adobe PDF, MS Word, or the iCalender export for MS Outlook or other calendar tools.

You may add sessions and presentations to your favourites by clicking the icon behind the session or presentation title, in the grid view or in the list view.The selected items are stored in your web browser’s data. The data remains accessible for this browser (on this PC), as long as you do not delete your browser history.

You can save your favourites in the cloud by creating an iPLANNER account. This account allows you to use the favourites on other computers and browsers as well. Click on SIGN IN (above the search field), to create an iPLANNER account to sync your favourites.

Search the programme
You may enter a search term into the search field in the upper right area of the page. The search phrase evaluates session and presentation titles, codes, abstract numbers, names and institutions. The search result shows immediately:

  • In the grid view: sessions with no matches are greyed out (but can still be opened), sessions with matches are shown in the colour of their session types
  • In the list view: only sessions with search matches are listed
  • The person icon indicates that a session or presentation contains a person that matches your search term. Click on this icon to open a preview.

Click the icon above the search phrase box to remove the search filter.

Show selected content of the scientific programme by applying filters. You may choose specific days, session types and session rooms for your display format. Click the icon above the respective filter to remove it.